Best places to visit in Central Vietnam

From ravishing beaches to mysterious astonishing caves, from sacred temples to tranquil villages, Central Vietnam is probably the most striking Vietnam has to offer. This is an region of great cultures, historical significance, tasty cuisines and amiable people. For those visiting , make sure you don’t miss these best places to visit in Central Vietnam,

Central Vietnam Overview

Central Vietnam consists of 3 administration regions:

  • North Central Coast: contains the coastal provinces in the northern half of Vietnam’s narrow central part. They all stretch from the coast in the east to Laos in the west.
  •  South Central Coast: contains the coastal provinces in the southern half of Vietnam’s central part. One province borders Laos.
  • Central Highlands: contains the mountainous provinces to the west of south-central Vietnam. There are a significant number of ethnic minorities in the region. One province is along Vietnam’s border with Laos, and four border Cambodia (Kon Tum borders both Laos and Cambodia).


Best cultural & Local experiences in Central Vietnam

+ Hoi An :

Hoi An was once a major vibrant trading port in Southeast Asia between the 15th and 19th centuries. As now, it’s architecture temples and street plan still reflect the influences, yet still have its own indigenous, making the town to be one of the most desired destination in the world. It would be a huge miss if you take on a trip to Central of Vietnam without Hoi An. There are a wide range activities that Hoi An has to offer, from amazing sightseeing to fun engaging experiences such as be a farmer, riding buffalo, etc.

+ Visit Garden House – Thuy Bieu Villages:

Surrounded by romantic perfume River, Thuy Bieu Villages is a wonderful places to get to know about Hue local life style, the serenity as well as mighty history of the charming ancient city.  Thuy Bieu Village is known for its immense grape fruits gardens – The grape fruit – Thanh Tra one proccesses a very unique special tasted that used to be provided for the Royal Families only.  There are numerous fun activities such as visiting the ancient houses, the relic Tiger arena, ancient house and craft making in Thuy Bieu, having local homely lunch, taking a herbal foot bath and relaxing on the dragon boat along the Perfume river on return.


Best beaches in Central Vietnam


The most stunning spots in Central Vietnam

+ Son Doong Caves:

Off-the beaten paths in Central Vietnam

+ Cham Island

+ Quy Nhon

Quy Nhon is an underrated destination in Central Vietnam.  It is known for transquil beach town and super cheap yet fresh seafood. Offering an authentically local experience, there’s virtually no gimmicky restaurant or bar in this quiet town and if you’re looking to do some sightseeing, notable landmarks here include the Binh Dinh Museum, Thap Doi Cham Towers, and Long Khanh Pagoda

+ Phong Nha Ke Bang

Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park is a popular option for adventurous travellers looking to explore its many limestone caves and grottoes. Set within the Quang Binh Province, it’;s home to the world’;s largest cave, Son Doong, with sections reaching up to 200m in height, as well as Paradise Cave, which boasts spectacular shapes of limestone stalactites and stalagmites. Entrance to Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park costs VND 40,000, plus additional fees (between VND 80,000 and VND 150,000) to enter the caves. Hiking, mountain-biking, and cave expeditions are regularly organised by tour operators in Vietnam.

Hai Van Pass

The most memorable adventure to have in central Vietnam is to drive along the Hai Van Pass. Hai Van means “the pass of rising sea” due to the daily phenomena of clouds filling a gap between the rolling hills. Hire a motorbike or hop in a taxi and take a full day to drive the scenic road from Hoi An to Hue. Alternatively, you could join an organized tour.

Along the Hai Van Pass, most travelers stop at the Elephant Springs to cool off, but there are numerous waterfalls to be discovered. Don’t miss Dam Cầu Hai, the largest saltwater lagoon in Vietnam with its colorful fishing boats, or the Lập An Lagoon where the sea meets mountains and oysters grow in abundance.

The pristine Chan May Bay remains undiscovered. The entire beach is virtually empty, except for a few local food shacks and the occasional local floating on the crystal-clear waters on an old tire.

Pleiku – The hidden germ in the highland

People may be interested in Da Lat, Nha Trang or Buon Ma Thuot, however, I myself am always lured by un-noted small town like Pleiku. Though it is the capital of Gia Lai province, Pleiku is not as popular as the brother Buon Ma Thuot which is known for the top-notch cafe, mighty Drey-Nur, Dray-Sap waterfalls and colorful spring festivals. Pleiku is more like a quiet and humble princess in the central highlands of Vietnam.

Ninh Van Bay – Luxury

Unlike hectic Nha Trang which is packed with numerous tourists coming from all over the world, an isolated bay with 20-minute boat, Ninh Van Bay is a excellent destinations. This fairy-tale peninsula may lure you with private eco- friendly villas looking over the sea, outstanding cuisine, butler service as well as the chance to scuba-dive and spa.


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